American Flag Helmet


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Materials Needed:

Using your large brush, apply wood finish to the whole surface. The technique doesn’t matter too much, since the wood finish will spread around as it likes. Once the whole thing is covered, you can go back and stipple the stars, and try creating some runs down the sides of the helmet. I let the helmet dry for a day. Clean your brush in mineral spirits or paint thinner (we got away with using acetone).

Once dry, scratch up the finish with your hole saw shredder. Add scratches in all different directions. Don’t circle the shredder too much. Try going to one direction over the whole surface, and then another direction, and then another. Make sure you get the edges near the trim.

Clean up the scrapes with some fine a fine sanding sponge and then a moist paper towel.

Apply matte clear paint to set your result and to take down the shine from the wood finish.

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