Distress Plastic


Sandpaper, Sanding Sponges, Abrasive Pads, Wire Brush & Steel Wool

These will rough up the texture and dull down any smooth, shiny surfaces, which is one of the main goals in aging plastic.


A rotary tool with a sander or cutting wheel can create heavy damage.


Leaves a lot of scratches. Developed by German post-apocalyptic costume designer Dmitri Zaitsev, the zerfetzer – German for “shredder” – is made using a hole saw drill set. Some users may prefer leaving the makeshift handle off and just grasping the outsides with their hands like a scrub brush.


Files and Rasps

Wear down edges and create damage with more control.


Propane Torch

Use a propane torch or heat gun to warp the item, cause bubbling and melting, and burning.

Soldering Iron

This is a quick and easy way to create holes, grooves, deep scratches, or irregular edges on plastic items.