Plastic Texture

These techniques add texture and dimension to your WAD effects.

Dirt mixed with paint

Apply a generous amount of paint to the item. Immediately apply a handful of real, dry dirt to the painted area. You can repeat this and add layers of dirty paint to the area.

Dirt mixed with Glue

Use spray glue or another adhesive and then cover the glue area as thoroughly as possible with dirt. Once dry, shake off or brush off the excess.


Take a small amount of concrete and mix with water. Apply the paste to your item. It will dry to a hard, gray crust.


Vermiculite is used for all kinds of commercial uses, but we’re mostly interested in the kind sold in the garden section. It has a light, foamy consistency and comes in large or tiny chunks – coarse or sandy grades. It can be used in combination with liquids like paint to add dimension.

Puff paint

Puff paint is available at craft stores and comes in a variety of colors. Unfortunately, dirty colors are rare in most stores. To overcome this, mix red, yellow and a little blue to create tans and browns. Use black by itself, or add it to your mix to make it drabby.

Use a heat source like a hair dryer to get the paint to puff up.

Textured spray paint

Rustoleum offers many colors of textured spray paint (including MultiColor options).